About Puerh Panda 
Puerh Panda is a lifestyle tea brand that is inspired by nature.  We discover, create, and sell small batch tea and handmade tea accessories. We believe that tea has a remarkable way of bringing people together and handmade objects can invoke more meaning upon the people that use them.  The founder (Billy) is a long time tea enthusiast who is inspired by the outdoors, art, humanity, and of course lots of tea.

              Gaiwan tea session dunes beach sand

Our tea is rigorously curated before being sold on our shop.  All of the tea we sell we also drink ourselves on a regular basis.  We sell tea from a variety of different  countries, cultures, and people.  This enables us to celebrate the whole world of tea and the people it comes from.  All of our teas are partnered with a charity that matches the art on the wrapper.  This gives us the opportunity to give back to the earth and bring people together with tea at the same time!  
Matcha bowl whisk bamboo spoon 

All of our teaware and tea accessories are hand-crafted by exceptional artist and craftsmen.  Handmade objects have a special way of adding meaning to a tea session or just a casual hangout.  There is a connection when you hold a piece that another person crafted with their own hands.  

              Kyusu teapot cups 

Environmentalism and sustainability are a big thing to us.  Billy (the creator of Puerh Panda) has an environmental science degree.  We take every step we can to reduce our impact and are always trying to get better.  Tea itself is a perennial, which makes it fit for permaculture gardening and should be grown that way.  The leaves are compostable after they have been brewed.  We are making every effort possible to replace standard packaging materials with biodegradable versions and only source tea from responsible tea growers. 


If you have any questions or just want to talk tea, always feel free to contact us. We would love to become friends and answer any questions you might have.  Peace Love Tea :)

 puerhpanda@gmail.com or on Instagram @puerh_panda